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4 Things That Make Duncan a Terrific Senior Living Community

June 30th, 2021

Duncan, British Columbia, is a great place to live. If you’re wondering why Duncan is particularly well suited to a senior living community, we’re going to tell you why right here.


When we say “location” we mean proximity to Victoria, BC, the capital of British Columbia where there is all manner of cultural activities and an international airport. Duncan is also even closer to Nanaimo, which has a commercial airport and a big variety of shopping available at stores both large and small. Duncan is about 60 km from Victoria and 50 km from Nanaimo.


Duncan is right near the Georgia Strait. It’s a wonderful place to go for a walk and feel the sea breeze in your hair. You can swim, meditate, watch kayakers, or take photos, all at the beach. You also have access to fresh fish all year round.


Duncan falls into what is called the USDA Garden Zone 8b. That means that the climate is mild, and you can grow things like palm trees and citrus. A mild climate means that you can spend more time outside in the fresh air, have little snow in the winter, and enjoy a hot and sunny summer.

The Hamlets at Duncan

One of the very best reasons for a senior to choose to live in Duncan at our community, is the availability of complex care if one needs it. There would be no requirement to move or find a new senior community. We have everything you need right here.

The Hamlets at Duncan is a brand-new, assisted-living and complex-care senior community in Duncan, BC, on Vancouver Island. Guided by the tenets of Christian faith, and with a stellar staff and multiple amenities, The Hamlets at Duncan, is the premier senior-living choice for the area.

If you have any questions about this article or would like further information about The Hamlets at Duncan, please call us at (250) 597-7995.