How BC Senior Communities Keep Seniors Safe

How BC Senior Communities Keep Seniors Safe

February 27th, 2022

Aside from all the COVID-19 protocols in place to help keep seniors safe from catching COVID, there are many other ways that senior communities keep seniors safe. In this blog article we will go over what some of these obvious and not-so-obvious methods are.

Physical Design

One way that senior communities keep seniors safe is by physical design. In the individual suites, for example, bathrooms are designed for good access and there will be thoughtfully place grab bars for holding on. It will also be easy to call for help from an individual suite.

Hallways tend to be wider than usual and stairs will always have railings to hold. Passages will be well lit, and, overall, the idea is make everything easy to see and navigate for someone not as agile as a young person.


The staff in a senior community will be well trained to observe the residents and notice any changes that are physical or behavioural. Staff will be around on evenings and weekends, in case they are needed, which is one of the big advantages of a senior community versus living alone. Also, staff will know how to respond in case of an emergency.


Sometimes people don’t eat properly because they can’t be bothered. In a senior community meals are prepared by professionals with the seniors nutritional needs in mind. Not only are meals prepared, but they are designed to be healthy and appetizing. When appropriate food and drink is readily available, senior residents will eat better than they would living alone.

There are many ways that senior communities are designed to have all kinds of safeguards in place for the residents. Visit our new community in Duncan, BC, and ask us about how we keep our residents safe.

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