Making the Most of a Suite’s Space in Senior Assisted Living

Making the Most of a Suite’s Space in Senior Assisted Living

May 19th, 2022

Very often, when seniors move into assisted-living, they are downsizing into a smaller footprint. There are distinct advantages to that: it is easier to get around, and the space will be designed for seniors and safety and access. The flipside to that is the resident may have less storage space than he or she had before. So, here, in today’s blog article, we would like to make some suggestions on how to make the most of any space you have.

Assess Before Moving

Before moving assess carefully how much space you will have including the square footage and measurements of the rooms. Find out if there is any extra storage space allotted to the suite. If you do this, you can figure out exactly how much space you will have for your belongings and plan ahead for wall storage or bookshelves.

Use Vertical Space

Take advantage of the vertical space everywhere including in the bathroom. Wall units or bookshelves can go up to the ceiling. Smaller cupboards can be mounted on the wall even in the bathroom over a toilet.

Use Space Efficiently

Plastic storage containers come in all shapes and sizes including very flat ones that will fit under a bed. Containers can be conveniently stacked and are sturdy enough to act as an accessory table. Use furniture that has multiple uses like a coffee table that has storage space inside or an ottoman that has a hidden storage place.


Seriously consider decluttering before you move in and get rid of things you do not need and forgot you even have. Many of us have closets and attics or basements full of “stuff” that we do not need. This is your big opportunity. You can sell things, give them away, or even donate to a charity, many of which will give you a tax deduction and even come pick up your things. Get a friend or relative to help you or even hire someone to help you go through years of boxes. You will be so much happier to be rid of all that clutter.

If you would like to know more about our world-class senior community in Duncan and how much space each suite has including floor plans, please call us at (250) 597-7995. We are conveniently located about halfway between Nanaimo and Victoria.


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