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Signs That Seniors Need Assisted Living

October 31st, 2021

If you are wondering whether a senior you know and love may be ready for an assisted-living environment, we can give you some tips on recognizing if they are ready.

Food Intake

A telltale sign would be a deteriorating food intake. Have you noticed that the senior in question is eating less or not eating a balanced diet? Are they not shopping or cooking because they do not seem to feel up to it?

Two great advantages of assisted living is a common eating area and food preparation for the residents, and organized shuttle buses for errands like food shopping. These are two chores that seniors may find difficult or lose interest in, and the assisted-living environment makes it easier for them.

Talking About It

Some seniors will actually talk to their loved ones about assisted living. They understand that living alone is no longer what they want. If you know a senior who brings up the subject, then don’t ignore it. Maybe the senior you know is ready for assisted living but needs some help choosing the right one.


Assisted living offers a warm and cohesive environment where it’s easy to meet people and make friends. As seniors are less interested in driving or going out, they might welcome the idea of having others like them all around in a community.


Are you worrying about your senior loved ones? Do you hate that they are alone 24/7? Bring up the topic of assisted living. The seniors you know may not understand exactly what assisted living means or how it can benefit them.

Talk to the seniors you know about assisted living like our brand new complex in Duncan, BC. Explain the benefits, and if you have any questions, give us a call at (250) 597-7995.

The Hamlets at Duncan is a brand-new, assisted-living and complex-care senior community in Duncan, BC, on Vancouver Island. Guided by the tenets of Christian faith, and with a stellar staff and multiple amenities, The Hamlets at Duncan, is the premier senior-living choice for the area.

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