What Is Complex Care for Seniors?

What Is Complex Care for Seniors?

August 31st, 2021

Complex care is a higher level of care for seniors than that of assisted living.

For practical purposes, here are just some examples of complex care needs:

Food and Eating

In complex care, a resident might require a special diet different from that of other residents. Furthermore, the resident may need help and assistance eating and drinking.

Physical and/or Psychological Limitations

Seniors who need complex care may have significant cognitive deficits, memory problems, and/or they may have significant physical limitations that interfere with their abilities to get around and care for themselves. These are residents that require more supervision and more attending to than in assisted living where seniors are perfectly capable of doing almost everything themselves.


Those in a complex-care environment may be on several medications and may need help remembering all the different meds taken at different times and supervision or help to take them. These residents need a higher level of nursing care with more staff attending to them more frequently.

Complex care is considered a step up from assisted living. There is a significant benefit in choosing a senior community that offers both levels of care. The benefit is that if a senior is in the assisted living section but later requires more care, the senior does not have to move because the same community also offers higher level care.

Change can be very disruptive and difficult for seniors. If you are looking for a senior community that offers both assisted living and complex care environments, then please consider The Hamlets at Duncan, as we offer both in our brand-new community on Vancouver Island.

The Hamlets at Duncan is a brand-new, assisted-living and complex-care senior community in Duncan, BC, on Vancouver Island. Guided by the tenets of Christian faith, and with a stellar staff and multiple amenities, The Hamlets at Duncan, is the premier senior-living choice for the area.