Why Assisted Living Communities Encourage Socializing

Why Assisted Living Communities Encourage Socializing

April 19th, 2022

Assisted-living communities encourage socializing for several reasons. Socializing is good for your physical and mental health in subtle ways. In today’s blog we will take a brief look at how seniors benefit from socializing.

Relief from isolation

Any of us who move from one community to another can experience loneliness and isolation. But in a senior assisted-living community, it’s very easy to meet people because there will be your peers all around you. There will be common rooms where you can strike up a conversation, a common eating area, and a calendar full of activities. So, the first reason why staff will encourage socializing is so that new arrivals are not lonely.

Active aging

Another reason to encourage socializing is because socializing is one of the seven foundational touchstones of the active aging paradigm. Socializing makes us feel better, physically and mentally. We are social animals and crave being around others whether we want to admit it or not.

Healthy living

In addition to active aging theories, at least one scientist, Pinker, believes that the most important part of living longer is our social connections. For the reasons listed above, it’s easier to make social connections in a senior community because everyone is just like you. So, staff will want to encourage socialization because it’s easy and everyone benefits from it.

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